Banking Built for Borrowers
Glance is excited to launch the next generation of online banking built around the daily needs of borrowers. Customers can borrow from a Line of Credit instead of relying on payday loans, and can build credit using the Glance MasterCard® Credit Card!
Glance Capital New Features
Fee-Free Checking Account
Every account comes with fee-free checking account for your daily use, including access to 32,000 fee-free ATMs.
Your Account is FDIC Insured
Every account is protected by banking-level security and FDIC-insured up to $250,000
True Revolving Line of Credit
A revolving line of credit lets you borrow up to your limit and borrow more as you repay.
Mastercard Credit Card
Every account also includes a fee-free Mastercard credit card, which helps increase your credit score.
Build & Increase Credit
Help increase your credit score by an average of 30 points with our un-secured credit card. No interest, no annual fees, and access to increased credit limits as long as you have regular on-time payments.
Get everything you would get from a traditional bank, at no cost to you!
Money Transfer
ACH or money transfer between accounts is now a click away.
Transaction History
You can view your transactions and track their status.
You can check your accounts and export your status in seconds.
Paying Bills
You can quickly pay your bills from the user panel.
Connect Your Payroll
You can connect your payroll to increase the limit of your loan account.
You can change your card settings or create a new shipment request.
And of course, we did not neglect the mobile application.
Take your bank with you everywhere! Faster and more secure way to use your Glance Capital bank account. Download our app for quick and easy access to your account, with Apple Pay Wallet support for your Glance MasterCard!
Apple Pay
Add your Glance Credit Card to your Apple Wallet with a single click.
Push Notifications
Get important push notifications right into your iPhone.
Biometric Login
Securely login to the mobile app using Face ID or Touch ID.
Manage Account
See your balance and credit limit using the app.
Equal Credit Opportunity: Glance Capital is an Equal Opportunity Lender and does not make its lending decisions on basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, receipt of public assistance, or good faith exercise of any rights under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. In the event you are denied for a credit request from Glance, a written explanation for the reason(s) for the denial will be provided to you within 7 business days of your request.